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Zeledyne Versalux

Zeledyne Versalux Tinted and Reflective Glass (Formally known as Ford or Visteon glass)

Although Versalux is no longer being manufactured, Hartung Glass Industries has a large inventory of original Zeledyne Versalux glass products at a number of locations for IGU and monolithic replacements.

Thickness Color
1/4" 6mm Versalux Blue R (Reflective)
1/4" 6mm Versalux Blue 2000
1/4" 6mm Bronze R (Reflective)
1/4" 6mm Gray R (Reflective)
1/4" 6mm Gray 2000

For more information on Versalux glass products including quote and availability, please contact Rick Miller.

Zeledyne's Versalux Tinted and Reflective GlassZeledyne Versalux Tinted and Reflective Glass